Savitri – Line 1

It was the hour before the Gods awake. The epic poem “Savitri” written by Sri Aurobindo starts with the dawn of the day when Satyavan is going to die. The night is the darkest just before dawn. It was the hour when the night was the darkest. Here we can make an analogy between Gods… Continue reading Savitri – Line 1

Total gratitude

Generally we express gratitude to either God or another person when good things happen in our life. Examples are when we get a promotion or our child passes the exam with flying colors, or we get over illness and our ushered into good health. But many times when bad things happen to us we end… Continue reading Total gratitude

Beyond Time and Space

Can one go out of Time and Space?When one goes out of manifestation, we can go out of Time and Space. The moment the objective world was created, time and space were also created. To go out of it one must return to the origin that is go out of manifestation. So from the very… Continue reading Beyond Time and Space

The Fear of Death – A Poem by Sri Aurobindo

Sri Aurobindo has written a poem titled “The Fear of Death”. In this poem he describes Death as always hovering around our life and breath. And he asks why should we fear death? He says that death has a laughing face filled with the light of grace. He describes death as a lovely maiden collecting… Continue reading The Fear of Death – A Poem by Sri Aurobindo