The earliest preoccupation of man

First, matter was created. Matter is the inconscient. From matter, life evolved. Life is subconscient. From life, Mind and Will evolved. Mind and will are conscious. We can say that when mind was manifested in man, he became awakened. So what was man preoccupied with in his earliest thoughts? He has been preoccupied with God,… Continue reading The earliest preoccupation of man


Individuality is how a person’s ‘will’ is directed. Physical individuality: Americans during the time of the founding directed their will or energy to come out of poverty and became millionaires within one generation and it can be called physical individuality. Vital Individuality: Someone like Gandhiji or Abraham Lincoln directed their will towards social causes and… Continue reading Individuality

Four yogas

All Indian spiritual practice can be encompassed in the four major paths of yoga: Karmayoga – The problem is selfishness. To move from selfishness to unselfishness in our actions is Karmayoga. This uses the instrument of ‘will’ in action. Bhakthi yoga – To direct our energies, passions and desires to the love of God is… Continue reading Four yogas