How can reading Savitri help our life?

Sri Aurobindo has written an epic poem “Savitri” which is over 700 pages and around 24,000 lines long. Savitri is the daughter of the Sun. She meets Satyavan and wants to marry him. However, she comes to know from sage Narada that Satyavan is destined to die in a year. Savitri still goes onto marry Satyavan. The date of fate arrives exactly on the last day of their twelve month marriage. The book begins with the dawn of the day that Satyavan is going to die. But by the next morning, Savitri has canceled her destiny and brought back Satyavan alive. The book ends with the canto on the everlasting day. What started as a grim and joyless day of Satyavan’s death turns in to a joyful and happy day of Satyavan’s revival and the boon of immortality granted to all of humanity through Savitri’s sacrifice.

In our own lives, when we wake up in the morning, we might be facing a number of difficulties. But how can we solve these problems by the end of the day? Savitri undergoes a deep change of consciousness which makes her convert death to immortality. To convert our problems into opportunities we need to undergo a similar change in our consciousness. But how can we bring about a change in our consciousness? There are many ways to do that: shift our consciousness from our present level towards Mother either through prayer or consecration or directing all our thoughts, emotions and actions to Mother, reading the works of the Mother and Sri Aurobindo and connecting our low human consciousness with the strength of the divine consciousness.

There are many gradations of consciousness from inert matter, subconscious life, conscious mind to superconscious spirit. Choosing to move from animal to divine consciousness is yoga.

Reading the book Savitri, can enable our consciousness to expand from these lower levels where we are plagued with a number of problems to higher, supreme, divine and supramental levels where all problems dissolve and give rise to a new creation and new opportunities.

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