Individuality is how a person’s ‘will’ is directed.

Physical individuality: Americans during the time of the founding directed their will or energy to come out of poverty and became millionaires within one generation and it can be called physical individuality.

Vital Individuality: Someone like Gandhiji or Abraham Lincoln directed their will towards social causes and we can call it as social or vital individuality.

Mental Individuality: Someone like Edison or Einstein had mental individuality as all their energies and will was directed towards mental discoveries.

Psychological individuality: Darcy directed all his energies or will towards becoming a better person. This can be called psychological individuality. Even Elizabeth did it to a great extent.

Spiritual individuality: Individuals like Swami Vivekananda or Dayanand Saraswathi who directed their energies towards a higher ideal so we can say that is spiritual individuality.

The physical, vital and mental functions are mixed in individuals so other elements may also be there. This was how I could understand individuality in the above categories.

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