Four yogas

All Indian spiritual practice can be encompassed in the four major paths of yoga:

  1. Karmayoga – The problem is selfishness. To move from selfishness to unselfishness in our actions is Karmayoga. This uses the instrument of ‘will’ in action.
  2. Bhakthi yoga – To direct our energies, passions and desires to the love of God is Bhakthi yoga. This uses the instrument of our ‘heart’.
  3. Jnana Yoga – The problem is ignorance. To move from ignorance to knowledge is Jnanayoga. This uses our ‘intellect’ as an instrument.
  4. Raja Yoga – Our mind is impure and scattered. Bringing our distracted thoughts towards one-pointed focus through the method of meditation is Raja Yoga. This uses the entire mind as an instrument.

The other yoga is Hathayoga that involves Asanas and Pranayama. It deals with the gross body and the vital breath.

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