The Sole Motive of Man’s Existence by Sri Aurobindo – 1

Julian is hosting a banquet at his house. He has his friends both men and women attend the party and wine is served during the party. Julian remarks saying that the popular Gods should be denied but respected. For which Erinna replies that Julian has combined wine and women in the party. Julian replies to her saying that he invited women for wine because conversation requires both speech as well as reason. He continues to say that God gave man reason and speech to woman. Helen finds the statement amusing and adds her own thoughts. She says: “To what end has man used reason? To make Truth incredible. To what purpose has woman employed speech? To say nothing.”

Then the topic turns to the Goddess of Love, Aphrodite and the God of wine, Bacchus. Lionel responds that love is as bottomless as a sea. For which Julian replies that Plato had got many riches from that sea. Here Sri Aurobindo makes reference to Plato’s dialogue “Symposium” in which seven men are attending a banquet at Agathon’s house and each one has to speak about love. Julian feels that Agathon’s speech in the Symposium is not flawless. He says that Agathon painted the loveliness of Love but not Love himself.

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