Nati – accepting God’s will in all situations

  • Nati is to submit our soul to the will of God.
  • Nati may be with 3 states:1. titiksha, 2. udasinata or 3. ananda.
  • Nati may be with titiksha, feeling the sorrow but accepting it as God’s will.
  • Or Nati may be with udasinata, rising above and considering both joy and sorrow as the working in the lower instrument.
  • Or Nati may be with ananda, receiving everything as the play of Krishna and hence in itself delightful.
  • The last state is that of the complete Yogin. By continuous joyous and anandamaya namaskara to God we completely eliminate grief, pain etc. We get entire freedom from dualities, seeing ananda even in the smallest discord of life.
  • We get rid entirely of fear and suffering.
  • We may begin with titiksha or udasinata but we must consummate the attaining of samata (or equality) in ananda.

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