3 things to make man invincible

Sri Aurobindo says that the real difficulty is within ourselves and not in our surroundings. There are three things necessary in order to make man invincible: Will, Disinterestedness and Faith. We have to resort to a higher power than that of our mind and body in order to overcome unprecedented obstacles. This is the need of sadhana.

God is within us: Omnipotent, Omnipresent and Omniscient. We and He are of one nature. If we put ourselves in His hands, He will pour into us His own force and we shall realise that we too have a share of godhead. The path is long but self-surrender makes it short; the way is difficult but perfect trust makes it easy.

Will is omnipotent but it must be divine will, selfless, tranquil and at ease about results. Jesus said that “If you had faith even as a grain of mustard-seed, you would say to this mountain, Come, and it would come to you.” What was meant by the word Faith is Will accompanied by perfect sraddha. Sraddha does not reason; for it knows. Sraddha, not blind but using sight spiritual, can become omniscient.

Will is also omnipresent. It can throw itself into all who come into contact with it and give them a portion of its power, thoughts and enthusiasms. Thus the thought of a solitary man can become. by exercise of selfless and undoubting will, the thought of a nation. The will of a single hero can breathe courage into the hearts of millions of cowards.

This is the Sadhana we have to accomplish. We have been using imperfect will, imperfect faith and imperfect disinterestedness. The task before us is not less difficult than to move a mountain. The force that can do it, exists. But it is hidden in a secret chamber within us and of that chamber God holds the key. Let us find Him and claim it.

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