The Hour of God is the hour of the unexpected

There are moments when the Spirit moves among men. There are other times when men are left to act on the basis of their own egoism. The first period is when a little effort produces great results and changes destiny. The second are times when hours of labor produces little result. It is true that the latter prepares the former. To bring God’s grace down on earth a little smoke of sacrifice needs to go up to heaven.

That man or nation is unhappy which is found sleeping or unprepared when the divine moment arrives. But thrice woe to one who having been ready and prepared misuses the moment or wastes the force.

In the Hour of God, cleanse the soul of all self-deceit, hypocrisy and vain self-flattering and look straight into thy spirit and hear what it has to say. All insincerity of nature is a gap in our armor and invites the blow. Even if you conquer the current moment with insincerity, the blow will come for sure later and pull you down. But if you are pure, cast aside all fear. He who can stand up through difficult times based on the truth of his purpose will be the one who will remain standing. Even if he falls, he will rise. And do not pay too much attention to the worldly prudence for the hour of the god is the hour of the unexpected.

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