The earliest preoccupation of man

First, matter was created. Matter is the inconscient. From matter, life evolved. Life is subconscient. From life, Mind and Will evolved. Mind and will are conscious. We can say that when mind was manifested in man, he became awakened. So what was man preoccupied with in his earliest thoughts? He has been preoccupied with God, Perfection, Truth, Bliss and Immortality. Man has been seeking these ideals from the earliest of times. These are man’s highest and most noblest thoughts. These thoughts are also inevitable and ultimate. Because no matter how many doubts, fears or scepticism thwart his aspiration, these thoughts keep coming back to man. Man is constantly seeking for God, has an impulse towards perfection, searches after Truth and Bliss and has a sense for secret immortality. If we study our past and all the recorded history of the past, we will be able to see this constant aspiration always alive in man. This aspiration gives man energy. Humanity has studied the entire external nature in terms of geography, geology, biology etc. However, we can say man is satiated but not yet satisfied with all the discoveries of material science. His thirst or aspiration seems to be unquenchable. Man wants to return to his original or primeval longing. Man’s earliest and highest aspiration is also going to be his last aspiration as God, Light, Freedom and Immortality are bound to be fulfilled. The first formula of Wisdom – that Man will attain his higher ideals – promises to be his last. This is the future destiny of man. The God in Man will eventually evolve and will usher humanity into Light, Freedom and Immortality.

God – Spiritual

Truth and Perfection – Supramental

Light – Mental

Bliss – Psychic

Freedom – Vital

Immortality – Physical

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