Notes from Mother’s Prayers and Meditations

  • Prayers and Meditations is written for those who wish to consecrate themselves entirely to the Divine.
  • Mother aspires for the day when She no longer would be able to say “I”, for She would be “Thou” (the Divine).
  • Mother says that the error within us and the error we see around us is one and the same.
  • There is an universal unity determining an absolute interdependence of all actions.
  • Let the Divine be the master of our mind, heart and body.
  • God is there everywhere. It is God who breathes, thinks and loves in all the beings around us.
  • Mother says that pride and satisfaction are the very worst obstacles.
  • Even a sigle movement in us which is not consecrated to the Divine belongs to the world of darkness and disorder just as our Earth in the material world.
  • We should be able to see God behind every act. Thus we have to get rid of all fear, uneasiness and anguish.
  • Mother says that though we have to attain unity with the Divine we should not put too much intensity and desire into that seeking too.
  • No matter what the action we perform, the intention behind the action should be directed towards the Divine. Then all our falsehoods and karma would dissolve.
  • Mother says that people who seek God should understand that God is there for them whenever they need them. And instead of seeking God, if they waited patiently then God would definitely help them.
  • We can find true liberty and transformation of our being by becoming conscious of the Divine’s will and then uniting our will with God’s will.

To be continued..(38/403)

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