What will be our end? – A poem by Sri Aurobindo

Sri Aurobindo asks this question: “What will be our end?”

  • Will our end be an unremembered name and a form that dissolves?
  • A body rotting under a slab or burnt to ashes in the fire and a mind dissolved of all its thoughts – will this be our end?
  • Our little hours that fade away, and our passions being mocked by the still earth and calm sunshine – is this our end?
  • The harp is fallen and mute, so is the unseen player dead? Because the tree on which the bird sang its song is felled, does the song become silent too?
  • The one in the mind who planned and willed and thought, and who worked to reshape the earth’s fate. One in the heart who loved and hoped and yearned – does he end too?
  • His name is the Immortal in mortal. He is an artist Godhead here and is unwilling to cease. He ever remoulds himself in diviner shapes.
  • Until all is done for which the stars are made – Till the heart discovers God and the soul knows itself. And even then there is no end.

#SriAurobindo #CollectedPoems

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