The Upanishads by Sri Aurobindo – 12

1. The Upanishads abound with passages which are both poetry and spiritual philosophy at the same time.

2. There are other passages in which the subtlest psychological and philosophical truths are expressed without falling short of poetic beauty and these are presented to the mind and the soul and not just to the understanding intelligence.

3. There are some of the prose Upanishads which give us a brief glimpse of the spiritual enquiry and passion for the highest knowledge which made the Upanishads possible.

4. The scenes of the old world live before us in a few pages: the sages sitting in their groves ready to test and teach the comer, princes and learned Brahmins going about in search of knowledge, and some great personalities like Janaka, Ajathashatru, Raikwa and Yajnavalkya. Krishna the son of Devaki who heard a single word of the Rishi Ghora and knew at once the Eternal.

5. We see how the soul of India was born and how this great birth-song soared from the earth to the spirit. The Vedas and Upanishads are not only the sufficient fountain-head of Indian philosophy and religion but of all Indian art, poetry and literature. It was the soul, the temperament, the ideal kind expressed in them which later carved out the great philosophies, built the structure of Dharma, recorded the Mahabharata and Ramayana, renewed its spiritual and psychic experience in Tantra and Purana, cast its thought and vision in stone and bronze and poured itself into new channels of self-expression and re-emerges for a new life and a new creation.

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