The Upanishads by Sri Aurobindo – 6

1. Each verse of the Upanishad is so poetic and the sound movement is such that each verse is like a wave of the infinite that carries in it the whole voice and rumour of the ocean.

2. This kind of poetry has not been written before or after.

3. The imagery of the Upanishads is in large part similar to the type of imagery of the Veda. A number of western scholars for this reason have said that the Upanishads are the awkward stammerings of the child mind of humanity.

4. The Upanishads are not a revolutionary departure from the Vedic mind and its ideas but a continuation and development and also a transformation in the sense of bringing out into open expression all that was held covered in the symbolic Vedic speech.

5. The Upanishads take up the imagery of the Vedas and Brahmanas and bring out the inner and mystic sense in them which acts as a psychical starting point for its own evolved spiritual philosophy.

6. There are many passages in the prose Upanishads which are obscure and unintelligible to the modern understanding but have the psychic sense of ideas like the distinction between the three kinds of Veda, the three worlds etc. these ideas lead to the deepest spiritual truths.

7. These passages cannot be dismissed as childish but on the contrary have a deep enough significance once we get inside their symbolic meaning.

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