The Upanishads by Sri Aurobindo – 5

1. The phrases and poetic sentences of the Upanishads help us to discover a whole infinite through a finite image.

2. All the metaphysical truths and psychological experience are made clear both to the mind and the spirit.

3. There are a number of small couplets or phrases which by itself contain a vast philosophy and yet are thrown out as an aspect or portion of the infinite self-knowledge.

4. The thought developed in the Upanishads cannot follow the tardy lines of logical intelligence.

5. There is a pregnant silence between two lines or phrases of the Upanishads and this silence between the lines is meant for the mind to work out the details by itself. It is similar to a Titan striding from rock to distant rock across infinite waters.

6. The metrical forms of the Upanishads are made up of four half lines each clearly cut – the lines are mostly complete in themselves. The half lines present two thoughts or distinct parts of a thought that complete each other.

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