The Upanishads by Sri Aurobindo – 2

  1. It has to be remembered that the Upanishads are not merely intellectual texts but convey spiritual experiences of the seers who wrote the verses.
  2. Many foreign translators of the Upanishads miss the above point.
  3. The utterances of the Upanishads do not reveal to the intellect alone but also to the soul and the whole being.
  4. Hence they can also be called sruti or inspired Scripture.
  5. The Upanishads have been acknowledged to be the source of numerous religions and philosophies that have flowed from India.
  6. Buddhism is a kind of restatement of the essence of the Upanishads. Buddhism carried this in a new form but the same substance all over Asia and westward towards Europe.
  7. The ideas of the Upanishads can be found in the thought of Pythagoras and Plato and also in Neo-Platonism and Gnosticism which influenced the philosophical thinking of the West. Sufism repeats the teachings of the Upanishads using another religious language.
  8. The larger part of German metaphysics is also greatly influenced by the Upanishads.
  9. In fact there is hardly a main philosophical idea which cannot find its seed in the Upanishads.

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