Meaningful verses from the Bhagavad Gita – 3

Chapter 3/Verse 7: He who controls the senses by the mind and without attachment engages with the organs of action in Yoga of action, he excels.

Chapter 3/Verse 9: By doing works other than for sacrifice, this world of men is in bondage to works; for sacrifice practise works, becoming free from all attachment.

Chapter 3/Verse 13: The good who eat from what is left from the sacrifice, are released from all sin; but evil are they and enjoy sin who cook (the food) for their own sake.

Chapter 3/Verse 19: Therefore perform without attachment the work that is to be done (done for the sake of the world, lokasangraha); for by doing work without attachment man attains to the highest.

Chapter 3/Verse 20: It was even by works that Janaka and the rest attained to perfection.

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