Meaningful verses from the Bhagavad Gita – 2

Chapter 2/Verse 56: He whose mind is undisturbed amidst sorrows and pleasures is free from desire, for whom liking and fear and wrath have passed away, he is the sage of settled understanding.

Chapter 2/Verse 58: He who draws away the senses from the objects of sense, just as a tortoise draws in his limbs into the shell, his intelligence sits firmly founded in wisdom.

Chapter 2/Verse 67: Such of the roving senses as the mind follows, that carries away the understanding just as a ship is carried away by the wind in the sea.

Chapter 2/Verses 71: He who abandons all desires and lives and acts free from longing, who has no “I” or “mine” (who has extinguished his individual ego in the One and lives in that unity), he attains to the great peace.

Chapter 3: The Yoga of the Works

Chapter 3/Verse 3: The Blessed Lord said: “In this world, the self-application of the soul is two-fold: that of the Sankhyas by the Yoga of knowledge and that of the Yogins by the Yoga of works.”

Chapter 3/Verse 4: Not by abstention from works does a man enjoy actionlessness nor by mere renunciation does he attain to his perfection.

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